Friday, December 06, 2013

The Daily: Much ado about nothing?

From my Friend Michael Duncan,

Hi Everyone,

I was asked to present general lesson study for Sabbath School this weekendDecember 7.  I was excited that the lesson is on the subject of the anti-typical Day of Atonement.  The reason for my enthusiasm is that the Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary representing Pre-Advent Judgement is the one unique theological feature of the Adventist Church explaining the culmination of the plan of salvation.  This teaching highlights the fairness of God and how He vindicates His people against the accusations of the enemy.  The sanctuary details and fleshes out the gospel of Jesus Christ as no other teaching of the Bible directly linking prophecy with the plan of redemption.

Unfortunately upon reading Sunday's outline we discover the "new view" of the "daily" is presented instead of the view studied out and taught by the pioneers of the Adventist church.  The "new view"- that the "daily" represents Christ's high priestly ministry dates back to the apostasy of Lewis Conradi while the view of our pioneers - that the "daily" represented the desolating power of Pagan Rome was universally accepted previously.  This is the view articulated in Uriah Smith's classic work Daniel and the Revelation. 

I wondered that I should mention it at all but it can not be ignored.  It is not uncommon in many debates on subjects of importance for individuals to take positions which when followed to their logical conclusion would reveal glaring inconsistencies in one's system of belief. Likewise it should be noted that to accepted the italicized word "sacrafice" added by translators to Daniel 8:11-13 completely changes the meaning of the text and consequently corrupts the identification of the little horn power/antichrist and undermines the entire concept of an 1844 pre-advent judgement beginning at the conclusion of the 2300 day/year prophecy.

For much of the laity of the church, this may be "much ado about nothing".  However, for ministers, evangelist and Bible teachers, a lack of understanding regarding Daniel 8 has led to a neglect or avoidance of teaching these things altogether.  The gradual de-emphasis on the teachings which make this body of faith unique ultimately results in a loss of identity and a transformation into what might more appropriately be called a Seventh-Day Baptist church rather than a Seventh-Day Adventist church.  I welcome your thoughts.

A very cursory google search on "the meaning of the daily in Daniel" unearthed the followed excellent documents addressing this issue.